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Abstract artist Susie Gadea has hopped from continent to continent, searching for inspiration in nature and spirituality within the 23 cities and 12 countries she’s visited.

Now currently residing in Spain, Susie creates luminous, colorful paintings by applying multiple layers of acrylic paint in varying consistencies. With her canvas on the floor, she daubs, pours, spreads, scrubs, drips and scrapes, incorporating gestural brushstrokes to blend, smooth, or enhance her compositions.

As you’ll see in today’s images, light and energy play a huge part in Susie’s work. Take There’s a Place, below. . . the effervescent blues and purples swirling together create an effect so joyful and bright, I regret leaving my sunglasses at home!

there's a place

It’s almost as if the painting is illuminated from within, letting out a glow that is constantly ebbing and flowing, like that of azure waves within the sea. It leaves me feeling revitalized and happy, and it’s easy to see that Susie loves what she does, because it simply radiates from her work.

This next painting, Discovery, is extremely delicate and soft, much like its floral cues. Springing up from a barrage of earthy green hues are hints of gently lipped petals and powdery, pollen-filled stamen.


Every stroke within this painting has an upward motion to it, which creates a nice sense of consistency, and the big, bold shapes add a calm simplicity to the composition. Overall, I find this painting super soothing, probably because it reminds me of a garden overflowing with fragrant flowers on a dew-soaked morning.

Last but not least, in looking at Under the Surface I feel as if I am smack dab in the middle of a fascinating chemistry project. I can see many elements coming together and forming new identities, all while being spread out over a large, complex table.

under the surface

This triptych contains a lot of movement and energy as vein-like lines run across its entirety. Even though I feel this piece is more premeditated, the splashes of blue mimic water and bring back that sense of flexibility and impulsiveness seen in Susie’s other paintings. There is a lot of spirit to this piece, and the lively movements of its elements motivate me to get out and about!

Don’t miss a chance to view the countless other acrylic paintings on Susie’s website. You’ll want to check out her fantastic textile, sculpture and paper doodles as well!

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