This Week: 2/3 through 2/9

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Monday in General Art Advice – Drop in tomorrow for 5 excellent tips from painter Gil Robles on becoming a better artist and student of the arts, every single day.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Steff Metal will share how to put together a successful exhibition proposal to send to potential galleries. (This is a great “how-to” article for artists who are looking to get their first gallery show.)

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for some gorgeous landscapes by Australian artist, Cathy McClelland. And as always, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, send it our way!

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – At the end of the week, Alyice Edrich will explain how to get repeat visitors to your art blog or website through your Facebook fan page.

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PLUS, if you’re outside the US and looking to sell your art:

We’ve just finished updating our Simple Artist Websites to offer support for several additional currencies besides the US dollar.

If you’re an artist living in the UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you can now list and sell your artwork using your national currency (or any of the currencies above). We also offer support for the Euro.

You can see how it all works by signing up here. :) We’ll be adding more currencies as needed, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests!

Is there something you’d like to share on EE? Send it in!

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