Anjana: Wildlife Paintings and Drawings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Wildlife artist Anjana, who hails from exotic Bangalore, India, creates incredibly detailed artwork from her home country. She shares her outlook on life and her love of nature stroke by stroke—whether painting or drawing.

In Silver Bills, below, gold sweeps across the background, as light and soft as a whisper. In contrast, the beaks of the Silver Bills are so dark and steely, it seems they are powerful enough to crack anything.

Silver Bills

Perched upon golden straw, the birds can only dream of blending in with their background. The intricate design on their wings stands out like a sore thumb, with brown and white shapes interlocking again and again. Feathery tufts along their undersides keep these birds warm as they search for seeds along the ground to fill their bellies.

I’m always amazed at how large the eyes of wild animals can be. Dark and wide, they stare at me inquisitively, yet I know this Black Buck is taut, muscles coiled and ready to spring away at a moment’s notice if something threatening presents itself.

Black Buck

Fragile limbs—the legs of a runner—are posed as straight and cautiously as the buck’s elongated neck. However, if this animals is unable to outrun its prey, no doubt it can rely on its unyielding, spiraled antlers to cause major damage.

Anjana did a remarkable job portraying the bristle-like nature of this animal’s thick, coarse coat, and the expression in its face, helping it come watchfully alive as if it knows I am staring back at it.

Last but not least, is Rose, with its breathtaking composition of black and pink.


The harshness of true black plays magically against the soft, powdery color of a rose at the height of its beauty. With no identifiable thorns to protect itself, this fragile flower, fully open, remains vulnerable to the weather and any intruding insects.

Its greenish-brown stem and leaves create additional touches of color against the waiting darkness, but the light of this gorgeous flower simply cannot be dimmed.

Be sure to check out Anjana’s full portfolio of wildlife artwork. Some other favorites of mine include her drawing entitled, Owl, and her painting entitled Kingfisher.


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