This Week: 8/29 through 9/4

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Monday in Video Tutorials – If you’re an acrylic painter, don’t miss tomorrow’s video by Hugh Greer. He’ll be demonstrating a great technique for testing out ideas mid-painting, using clear plastic Mylar.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Charcoal artist Ronnie Tucker has graciously provided a second step-by-step tutorial for us that I’ll be posting on Tuesday. This time, however, it’s on how to use pastels to create a realistic animal portrait.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for some amazingly detailed drawings by Stefan Bleekrode, an artist whose passion for architecture can be clearly seen in each of his intricate (and completely imaginary) cityscapes.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Finishing out the week early, Alyice Edrich will be sharing an excellent article on how to use social networks to promote your art blog.

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