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It has always intrigued me how artists are inspired in various ways. Midwest artist, Tim Nyberg, draws his inspiration from live jazz—and it shows in every aspect of his striking acrylic paintings.

Tim’s artistic journey goes back more than thirty years, starting with his work in illustration and graphic design. Then in 2005 he moved to a Wisconsin tourist town and began exploring writing, painting, and even entertaining.

Tim usually paints a “series” of images including beverages, trees, abstracts or seascapes. Though he sells the originals, these series are also intended to be reproduced as posters, prints or greeting cards.

tree series

Every Saturday during the tourist season Tim hosts an event called “Art and Music Jam.” These showcase his exploration of art through music. Guest musicians, often accomplished jazz players, play their initial notes while Tim stands in front of an empty canvas, eyes closed. . . then paint flies.

The shapes and colors evolve from what he hears in the music. As Tim puts it, “a low tenor sax with rich warm tones may translate to a violet color and the bright sound of a cymbal may bring about a yellow or off-white”.

Working quickly, Tim often uses more than just brushes and paint. He’ll occasionally scrape the canvas with a small piece of wood, or use the opposite end of the brush to write in the paint.

abstract series

“Bistro Beverages” is Tim’s most recent painting series. It is a beautiful set of images that will be marketed to a retail clientele in the form of greeting cards, poster prints and canvas reproductions. Subjects such as coffee, tea, wine, beer and mixed drinks are all included in the series.

Though these are not painted to music, they still feel jazzy. I can just imagine them hanging in a bistro while sipping on a cocktail.

beverage series

I invite you all to visit Tim’s website to experience more of his jazz-filled acrylic paintings, especially his current series, Bistro Beverages.

Please note: the artwork featured in today’s article is @ Tim Nyberg / g42art.com.

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