This Week: 11/1 through 11/7

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Monday in Motivation – Tomorrow, Doris Glovier writes about finding artistic opportunities while traveling. As you’ll see, whether you’re on a plane, in a car, or just out and about, you can always be creating.

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – Have you tried Twitter yet? Or perhaps tried it and quit? Well, on Tuesday, Lori McNee will explain 10 simple ways to build your artistic brand and create a following on Twitter. (So don’t give up yet!)

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Experimental painter Chico Harkrader creates abstract paintings full of rich color and visual depth. Check out some of his work and learn more this Wednesday.

Thursday in Art Tutorials – If you’re a jewelry-maker and want to drill a hole in your rocks rather than wire-wrap them, it’s not that hard—learn the right way to do it from Kim Carver on Thursday.

Friday in Art Opinion – At the end of the week, drop by EmptyEasel and read the first response to my question from last Monday: “What is Art?” Pamela Stirling will be sharing her story.

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