Fletcher Boland Photography: Nature Lightly Touched

By Lisa Orgler in Featured Artists > Photography

Winter will be here within the next few months, but I just had to share some beautiful snowy landscapes a little early via Fletcher Boland’s dramatic photography.

Since 2001, Fletcher Boland has been capturing scenes from the natural world that have only been “lightly touched” by humankind. Through his photography, he attempts to show nature in a fresh way; purposefully leaving out traces of our own lives.

Fletcher’s photography includes many coastal and mountain landscapes, but I was especially drawn to the latter, which I can only describe as black and white and snow all over.

For example, the first image below captured my attention due to the crispness of the dark mountainside against the white sky.


Fletcher’s composition is structured with a strong diagonal from corner to corner, while subtle details of the falling snow lends a soft, dappled texture to the mountainside.

Here’s another photograph which is perfectly aligned with his statement to “bring forth a view of the boundless natural world one does not frequently see, but is surely real.”


This “boundless” landscape is both surreal and theatrical and yet it is a real place. . . perhaps one that many people pass by each day without noticing its beauty. Even the tracks leading into the trees are left by animals, not humans.

And take a look at this final photo, composed of just two elements: a curving horizon line, between dark sky and white snow; and one small, dark tree, standing alone.


The scene is so simple, and so tranquil. . . yet awe-inspiring at the same time.

I invite you all to take a moment and experience more of Fletcher Boland’s beautiful nature photographs at www.FletcherBoland.com.


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