Leonidas Bratini: Avant-garde New York City Photography

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Photography

#noFilters. #noEditing. These are photographer Leonidas Bratini’s goals each time he snaps a photo.

Although Leonidas now lives in Orlando, Fla., his love of New York City began when his family moved there at an early age from the Dominican Republic. He uses his photography to connect with the world by capturing not only the scenes around him, but also his perception of them. The emotions portrayed in each photograph become Leonidas’ own inner #reflections—his deepest thoughts and inklings.

This first photograph, found in Leonidas’ #iLivedNYC album, contains all the excitement and flurry of activity I could imagine if I was standing right there, myself.


From the streets bustling with people to the frenzy of bumper to bumper cars to the larger than life advertisements, New York is a city you visit if you want to enhance your views of the world; it has something for everyone and won’t fail to disappoint – just like the photo itself!

This next photograph, from his #OutsideNYC album, is a lot less busy, but to me, it still says volumes.


Remember those 3am drives when you’re traveling across the country with nothing but street and car lights to guide your way?

With the world blotted away in darkness, you can easily become lost in the rhythm of driving, where only the radio—and the occasional passerby—keeps you company. It’s peaceful and calm. . . the exact opposite of New York City!

Also from his #iLivedNYC album comes the final photograph below.


Can you hear the bells, the squeaks of metal upon metal as this subway crashes and rumbles through the tunnel? Can you envision the sparks it creates when it takes a jerky turn, lights just a haze as it fades away into darkness, hurling through what seems like outer space?

You get all the sensations of being there with this single, action-packed shot, enough so that it almost gets your heart racing!

Want more of Leonidas’s photography? I thought you might! You can view the rest of his amazing photographs here in his online portfolio.


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