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Stunning Midwest Landscape Photography by Michael Munster

The deep, vibrant beauty of the Midwest is clearly evident in each one of Michael Munster’s gorgeous landscape photographs. Based out of Joplin, Missouri, Michael’s passion for capturing sweeping vistas, shaded forest pathways, and rustic buildings makes for compelling fine art photography that stays true to its roots.

Onondaga Cave 3, below, is a study in texture and detail. Bumpy ridges, clefts, and crags catch the light streaming in from the outside, illuminating a massive underground cavern split by a still pool of green water.


A wooden walkway and railing rises and falls against the red rock walls of the cave, leading the eye slowly but surely towards freedom and fresh air outside.

And if you’re a sucker for covered bridges like I am, you’ll definitely enjoy Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, a red covered bridge (flanked by a traditional wooden fence on either side) photographed just outside of St. Louis, MO.


Last but not least, Michael’s waterfall photographs are some of his most eye-catching pieces, and this last photo in black and white is absolutely amazing.

Tanyard Creek Waterfall, in Bella Vista, Arkansas, showcases a serene woodland waterfall surrounded by tangled old forest, smooth,weathered rocks, lit by soft beams of light shining down between the leaves.


If you’d like to see more of Michael’s gorgeous landscape photos, please take a few minutes today and visit his website at greenheronphotography.net.

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