Helena Georgiou: Stunning Photographs of Cyprus and Beyond

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Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Helena Georgiou’s passion for photography has taken her all around the world in search of fascinating, bold images. . . and her hard work has paid off! With exhibitions in Athens, Belgium, Berlin, Cologne, and Austria, it’s clear many others are captivated by her work as well.

Helena’s photographs often capture repeating elements, dynamic movement, and bold, geometric patterns. She also uses digital manipulation to push her compositions to their utmost—like this walkway, outlined in stark black against a foggy sky.


The single figure, striding purposefully down the never-ending catwalk offers just enough story to pull us into this world of mist and iron.

On the other end of the spectrum, Helena’s portraits often feel like super-realistic glimpses into a world of fascinating characters. With highly-exposed textures, intricate carvings, and beautiful teal paint, this next painting both frames and conceals the woman at its center.


Who is she? Where is she? And for that matter, who are we, in this narrative?

Perhaps her hand is lifted in benediction, saying goodbye to a family member or friend. Maybe she’s opening those doors in welcome. All we really have is a brief, quick glimpse into the rich tapestry that is her life.

Lastly, here’s another one of Helena’s digital manipulations. In a sense, it’s a painting made by combining and editing several of her photos into something all its own.


If you’d like to see more of Helena’s work (and I hope you do!) please take a few minutes to visit her website and browse through the rest of her stunning photographs.


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