Rachael Broadhurst: Striking, Poignant Photography

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Photography

The very talented Rachael Broadhurst is the founder and lead photographer of Martian Arts Images, where she specializes in weddings, studio and exhibition photography. She is also an official photographer for Truprint.co.uk and THTC Clothing, and has worked with such bands as 36 Crazyfists and The Overtones.

Beyond all that, I think her exhibition and travel photography, seen below, is top notch. Take a look!

Here is one of eight photos found in Rachael’s Sweet Dreams series, which is quirky and clever. In this series, Rachael swaps out everyday items, plants, and food with candy that you might not even realize IS candy at first glance!


As you can see, a pair of what looks like Converse shoes gets a delicious upgrade with strawberry or cherry licorice laces. Tied into a scrumptious bow, those red laces really pop against the bright teal of the fabric.

Meanwhile, the close-up composition turns the focus completely on Rachael’s play on shoelaces. I can’t help but think how carefully she must have laced the shoes so as not to break those delicate ropes of sweetness!

Now, when you think of Africa, what do you envision? Sand and desert? Colorful fabrics and vivacious people? A scorching sun? All of these things make up the photo below, taken from Rachael’s Africa series.


The entire series is mind-blowing, so don’t miss viewing it on her website. However, this particular piece struck me because, as they say, “Eyes are the windows to the soul,” and this boy’s eyes, as well as the journey he is on, offers a small, fascinating window into his life.

Squinting from the sun, sand and wind, he turns back as if to say, “Are you OK? Are you still with me?” Perhaps he is a guide, or perhaps he is heading home himself. Either way, it’s a haunting photo.

And lastly, if I didn’t want to visit Iceland before (don’t worry, I did), I sure would now after viewing this photo below from Rachael’s Iceland series.


The Aurora Borealis shines brightly in the night, radiating green and white light across the sky in streaks of color. And, can we talk about that sky?! It’s dotted with the most crystalline and sharp flecks of stars I have ever seen.

Absolutely stunning. Try as it might, the lanky lighthouse can’t hold a candle to the luminescence of the sky, although it is equally stunning in its own way.

Other series featured on Rachael’s website include The Missing Peace and Polavoid. They include many more captivating works you simply cannot miss, so head out to her website now to take a look!


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