What is Art. . . in YOUR opinion?

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Slight change of plans today, folks—originally I was going to publish a reader-submitted article entitled “What is Art?” but after more consideration I decided that it drew a little too heavily on quotes from Wikipedia and other online sources.

I guess I just wanted more personal opinion and less Wikipedia.

So in light of that, I’ve decided to open up this topic to everyone to create a truly crowd-sourced response. I’m looking for as much insight as you’d like to give, on any or all of these time-honored questions:

What is art?

Why is art important?

And why are YOU an artist, rather than anything else?

Care to share? Use this contact form to send me your thoughts, opinions, personal stories, or essays and I’ll publish as many as possible on EmptyEasel over the next few weeks. (You can also just email me at emptyeasel@gmail.com.)

Short one-sentence opinions will be grouped together; longer submissions will get their own article. As always, make sure to include a link to your website, blog, twitter profile, etc, so I can credit you as the author.

Sound good? I know you’ve all got an opinion on this one. . . so let’s hear it!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the entries! This particular project is over, but as always, if you have an opinion or article that you’d like to share on EmptyEasel, you can still send it in here and I’ll publish it if I can.


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