This Week: 10/19 through 10/25

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – Tomorrow’s article by Robb Scott reveals how you can prepare an exciting solo show for $250 or less. If you’re an artist on a shoestring budget (or the current economic crisis is turning you into one) this article’s for you.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – I’m sure most of us have already learned how to create a single focal point in our paintings, but to be honest that’s really just a starting point for creating visually interesting compositions. This Tuesday Dianne Mize will explain how to create the kind of visual interest that will take your art to the next level.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop back in to see some extraordinarily realistic paintings (and wonderful compositions, too) by Canadian painter, Mina dela Cruz.

Thursday in Art Opinion – Denise Telep takes a stand and shares why she thinks graphic art and design deserve to be considered fine art—just like oil painting, sculpture, or any other traditional artistic medium.

Friday in GIMP Help – Margot Dinardi will be posting her latest tutorial—this time on digitally "hand-tinting" a black and white photograph in GIMP.

And here are last week’s articles once more: Has A New Look. . . Hopefully it’s For the Better!

How to Use an Angle Finder to Correctly Draw Lines in Perspective

Contemporary Figurative Paintings by Alabama Painter, Jonathan Matthews

Freedom vs. Self Discipline: The Professional Artist’s Struggle

How to Create Sepia Tone Photographs from Color Photos in GIMP

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