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NOTE: If you missed last week’s announcement, click here to see how YOU can help other artists learn and grow through EmptyEasel this year!

Monday in Painting Tutorials – Kick the week off with a brand new article from Carrie Lewis titled “The 3 Oil Painting Rules You MUST Understand.” Don’t miss it!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Drop by for a look at some bright, colorful abstracts by the artist known as “K.” As always, if you’d like to share your own art on EE, please send it in! We are always looking for new artists to showcase!

Wednesday in Painting Tutorials – Follow along with Lyman Dally as he demonstrates his process for painting Top Gunner—a portrait of an airforceman seated in the armored turret of an anti-mine tank. It’s an amazing painting, and a great walkthrough as well!

Thursday in General Art Advice – Are you dreaming of building your own art studio? Maybe you’re already working towards that goal! Either way, don’t miss Lynn Edwards excellent advice this Thursday on choosing art-friendly flooring for artists on a budget.

Friday in Motivation – Most of us would agree that making art brings us joy. . . but maybe it can do even more! This Friday, come back to learn how art therapy is being used to help people in their journey of overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

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