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Our normal weekly schedule is further down, but first, if you’ll permit me, I want to share a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) with all of you.

Here at EmptyEasel, we truly believe that the best way to learn about art is from other artists. So this year, with your help, we’d like to do more of that than ever before—we’ve set a goal to publish over 200 new stories, tips, and techniques from artists, for artists in 2019.

It sounds great, right?? We all want more tutorials, more helpful advice from artists who have been there before.

And with that in mind. . . would you be willing to share YOUR knowledge with other EmptyEasel readers?

You might be surprised at what you could share:

Did you sell art in the past year? You could simply tell us how you got your art in front of buyers, and what you did to help the sale go smoothly (or what DIDN’T go smoothly!) So many other artists could learn from that.

For those of you who are recent graduates, we especially want to hear from you!

Whether you’re working on art part-time or full-time, your stories are a great encouragement to other young artists. How are you making progress? What are the setbacks you’re encountering?

And if you have a different idea, or want to share a work-in-progress or a particular art technique, that’d be great too. We can even help by writing the post for you (all we’d do is ask some questions by email—so don’t let the “writing” part stop you!)

Even better, we’ll help you promote your art in return!

When you share something on EmptyEasel, we’ll credit you as the contributor by linking to your art website from the article (which will help your site get found more easily by people searching for art). And for regular contributors, we’ll be pinning your art and promoting you on Pinterest as well!

Sound good? Then click here and let us know you’re interested! That’s all we need at this point—we’ll get back to you within the week to talk about what you’d like to share, and help you make it happen.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and being a part of EE! :)

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Monday in Painting Tutorials – Lyman Dally has created a fantastic walk-through of one of his recent oil paintings, cheekily entitled “Tentacle Difficulties” (yes, it involves an octopus.) Drop by for his step-by-step demonstration tomorrow!

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – Our friends over at Displate will share some of their best techniques for selling your art through social media in 2019. If you’re on any social media platform, you will NOT want to miss this.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – We’ll be featuring New York artist Kathy Ferguson’s geometric, mixed-media paintings. As always, if you’d like your own art to be featured, submit it here!

Thursday in Art Opinion – Carrie Lewis will finish out the week with a (possibly) controversial topic: Is natural talent real, or a myth? Decide for yourself, this Thursday!

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As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to forward and share with your friends!


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