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London-based painter Richard Stone is also a musician, so it makes sense that many of his portraits are influenced by musicians from decades past. Starting in 2001, Richard began working on a series of large mural commission pieces for private homes, bars, salons and hotels in England,. . . read more
Roya Gharavi’s travels have taken her near and far, and from each trip she collects a souvenir. But for Roya, her souvenirs are a bit different—a color she can’t get out of her head, a recollection of a lake at sunset or the immense feeling of happiness. She takes these special. . . read more
Sam Carlson is a dreamer, an imaginer of new worlds, and perhaps most importantly, a doodler. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve doodled pictures on something, be it a notebook, spelling test or my hand,” he says. Sam especially loves the ability to propel himself somewhere far, far. . . read more
Dallas-based oil painter Chad Hoberer has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in animation and has been painting for more than 20 years. As Chad explains on his website, he finds the chaotic beauty of nature compelling, and chooses to showcase that aspect of nature in his work along with surreal,. . . read more
One thing is immediately clear about artist, illustrator and concept designer Ze Liu: he’s imaginative. You can see it instantly. . . his work is larger than life and painstakingly intricate; his fantasy illustrations are truly fantastical and made for the big screen (as well as sci-fi. . . read more
Fabrics and textiles and prints—oh, my! Years spent as a fashion illustrator for a major department store has attuned Sally Franklin to the fabulous design work visible in the diverse, intricate folds and patterns of fabric. “You’ll see fabric draped in backgrounds, underneath. . . read more
Who needs a paintbrush to paint? Not John Monson! John received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art from Western Washington University, and is inspired by abstract expressionists. He uses various tools to layer oil paint on canvas, resulting in dynamic tension between rough texture and. . . read more
Isidora Marzano is all about tradition. The oil painter from Florence, Italy graduated with an art degree at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts and uses a traditional process of oil painting on canvas, with no under printing or computer-aided software. Her linen canvases are primed with a. . . read more
Virginia-based painter and instructor Randy Griffin enjoys using oils to create intricately-colored, impressionistic paintings. With a paintbrush in hand, he immerses himself in the great outdoors, whether it’s within an immaculate garden, along a gently-lapping lake, or among great U.S.. . . read more
Christine Cortese isn’t just California dreamin’; she’s living the California dream! And although she resides on the central coast, she uses the entirety of her gorgeous state to her advantage. See, Christine paints en plein air, or outdoors, where light and shadow are magnified. . . read more
Arizona-based watercolor artist Andrea Merican is inspired by all of life—from people and animals to desert botanicals. She calls her style “loose realism,” and uses lots of drips, splashes and vibrant color in her work as she attempts to capture a personality, a moment, and the. . . read more
Sussex professional fine artist and art tutor Gill Bustamante isn’t just an amazing painter—she’s also a born comedian! She wryly confesses that unlike many other artists she is not arty, deep, mysterious or even troubled. Instead, she claims she could be inspired by anything. . . even. . . read more
What does creating art mean to mixed media artist Kris Gould of Newcastle, California? In a word, freedom. “Anytime I can lose myself in a painting or photograph, life is good,” she said. Kris has been an artist for as long as she can remember, reveling at any chance to transform a plain. . . read more
Angela Westerman’s surreal, fantasy artwork encourages people to examine their world a bit more closely, and challenge their own preconceptions. . . especially the integration of nature, humankind, and technology. By creating her artwork on a large scale, Angela allows her viewers to linger. . . read more

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