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Sussex professional fine artist and art tutor Gill Bustamante isn’t just an amazing painter—she’s also a born comedian! She wryly confesses that unlike many other artists she is not arty, deep, mysterious or even troubled. Instead, she claims she could be inspired by anything. . . even. . . read more
What does creating art mean to mixed media artist Kris Gould of Newcastle, California? In a word, freedom. “Anytime I can lose myself in a painting or photograph, life is good,” she said. Kris has been an artist for as long as she can remember, reveling at any chance to transform a plain. . . read more
Angela Westerman’s surreal, fantasy artwork encourages people to examine their world a bit more closely, and challenge their own preconceptions. . . especially the integration of nature, humankind, and technology. By creating her artwork on a large scale, Angela allows her viewers to linger. . . read more
When John Byde was four years old, he developed a unique fascination with water. He floated things in it, experimented with it, and as he grew, it became a vital part of his life—from his time spent teaching white water canoeing, to logging as a lumberjack on frozen lakes, to firefighting. . . read more
Mesmerizing, dramatic and inspiring are three adjectives of MANY I could use to describe Samiyah Khan’s hauntingly beautiful photographs (OK, there’s one more). Using her art as a source of self-expression and enlightenment, Samiyah seeks to understand the depths of the world around her. . . read more
Natalia Soleil is a communication designer and freelance illustrator from Munich, Germany. Her website, pencilgarden.com, is a delight at first glance, due to a charming drawing of an exceptionally happy little girl watering planters full of (you guessed it) growing pencils. Natalia’s. . . read more
Graham “Broonzy” Williams is a colorful character from England, so it makes sense that his artwork is consistently imaginative. As a child, Graham had aspirations of becoming a titan in the cartoon industry, besting the likes of Walt Disney and Hanna Barbera. “We all have dreams!” he. . . read more
Ilona Petzer is a native of Nelspruit, a capital of the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. Her artistic career began not with a pencil or paintbrush, as many might guess, but with ballet shoes and a love of Spanish dancing. Ilona’s gracefulness acquired from dance translates. . . read more
Award-winning, full-time illustrator and writer Carol Heyer has had much more than five minutes of fame. Not only has Carol established herself as a production designer and writer of feature films, but she has also written and illustrated 28 children’s picture books. Even more stunning is. . . read more
Elke Schulz is a meticulous, serious painter, but she didn’t initially start out that way. What began as a hobby and love of drawing eventually blossomed into a full-blown career, and Elke now lives and works as a freelance painter in Minden, Germany, after painting abroad in France, Italy,. . . read more
Born in India and currently residing in California, Kajal Zaveri’s eastern and western experiences meld together as one in her warm figurative paintings. Universal themes of belonging, heritage, spirituality and sense of self come alive in her free-flowing, uninhibited artwork. But art. . . read more
Oil painter and pastel artist Tami Hort was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and was labeled an artist from day one, winning an art award in first grade, which she says secretly secured the artist within her. Tami uses her creative skills to educate home-schooled students of all ages. She also. . . read more
A stunning landscape is sometimes as close as your own backyard, and Antonino Cammarata certainly has an amazing “backyard” to paint from! Born on the gorgeous island of Sicily and surrounded by landscapes to die for, Antonino’s initial love for painting began at the age of. . . read more
Because of the way he paints it so clearly and effortlessly, it’s obvious Jorge Calero understands nature’s complexity. Jorge, who was born in Colombia and currently lives in Portugal, studied fine arts at the Angel Maria Valencia fine arts university. He also learned serigraphy, or. . . read more

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