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Monday in Drawing Tips – Want to get a jump on improving your drawing skills in 2017? Then drop by tomorrow and start exploring Carrie Lewis’s favorite podcasts and video channels for colored pencil artists—it’s months of instruction, all in one place!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – “Bold, big, and abstract” describe Howard Ziff’s paintings to a “t.” Get a look at some of his work this Tuesday and then make sure to submit your own art to be featured on EE as well!

Wednesday in Other Tutorials – Phawnda Moore will share a few ways to improve your handwriting through elements of calligraphy. If you’ve ever wished you could write more legibly or make beautiful, hand-written journal entries, this is a great place to start!

Plus, in this week’s New Artist Showcase. . .

Please give a very warm welcome to Steve Creighton, Susan Portugal, and Ron Arena, three of our newest artists at Foliotwist!

Steve’s paintings are so polished and well-constructed that you’d be forgiven for thinking they were painted by one of the old masters—his rich, warm, color palette and beautiful still life arrangements are simply stunning. You can browse all of his paintings here.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Susan’s oil paintings are fluid, expressive, and very colorful. Her figurative work is especially captivating, and well-worth a look!

Last but not least, drawing inspiration from Mexico and the American Southwest, Ron’s portfolio is filled with themes of the desert, shamans, spirits, and the Madonna, painted in vibrant color and texture.

If you have a minute today, head on over to view any or all of their artwork, and leave them a note or comment—I’m sure they’d love it!

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