Artists for Education: Helping Teachers get Free, Beautiful Posters for the Classroom

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Think back to the last time you were in an elementary school classroom—what stands out in your memory? The desks, arranged neatly in rows, perhaps. . . a chalkboard or whiteboard at the front. And (probably!) bright, colorful posters lining the walls.

Nearly every classroom is decorated with educational, informational, and motivational posters, many of which are purchased by the teachers themselves. Not only do posters make a classroom look fun and interesting, but it’s been proven that visual elements are a huge part of the learning process—studies also show that children may even learn subconsciously just by being around by visual information.

The problem is that in many classrooms, posters are getting older and more out-of-date every year. Teachers have to choose between decorations and school supplies. And that’s where Artists for Education comes in.

AFE is a company that raises money (through IndieGoGo, or other fundraising methods) and pays talented artists to produce fun, engaging posters for gradeschool classrooms. Teachers can download these print-ready poster files and use them in their classroom, however they’d like—absolutely free.

Take a look at some of the posters AFE artists are working on right now:


Amazing, right?? These are super-talented artists, and the results are stunning. (I know wish I had artwork like this on my classroom walls growing up!)

If you’d like to be part of the process, head on over to AFE’s IndieGoGo page and make a contribution to their crowdfunding campaign. Not only will you be giving to a good cause, but as a thank-you, you’ll get some great AFE swag as well—posters, buttons, tee-shirts, pencils, stickers. . . you name it.

Just don’t wait too long—their IndieGoGo campaign ends on January 16th, so click this link and check out their fundraising page now!


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