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Non-traditional Art Tutorials: Mixed-Media, Found Objects, Etc.

From hand-writing lessons to photo-stamping, our list of non-traditional art tutorials is growing every day! We share hundreds of ways to use mixed media, found objects, and natural objects in your art, and you can get all of these art lessons online for free, right here on EmptyEasel!

Plus, if you're looking for art lessons for kids, many of our tutorials are perfect for them as well. Our mixed media collage and acrylic painting tutorials will bring hours of fun and are easy to clean up afterwards.

Explore all our non-traditional art tutorials:

Spring’s on the way! As the seasons change, many artists also sense a shift in their focus and goals. We’re more energetic,. . . read more

If you’re new to hand-lettering, you’ve probably collected a few bullet-tipped markers. As shown in the first photo below,. . . read more

Most of us WANT to have online sales of our art, even if we don't particularly like managing a website or spending time away from our easels. After all, an online presence gives us access to a global market. We can reach potential collectors even while doing other things, and that means a chance to generate extra income beyond brick-and-mortar galleries and local art events. The internet is. . . read more

So you’ve published a brand new email art class. The hard work is done! Now you can sit back and watch the bucks roll in as. . . read more

So you’ve decided to generate some additional income by selling your own art course by email. Good for you! You’ve. . . read more

Welcome to the second installment of my series on setting up and promoting your own email art class. Didn't read the first article? Take a moment to find why you might want to do an email art class and how to find ideas for your class. OK, ready for Part 2? Let's get started! Step 1:. . . read more

Every artist I know is looking for ways to increase their income. Often that means teaching art. Or finding new ways to teach. . . read more

Let’s see what happens when paper and tea meet up—intentionally. Recently I took a variety of black, green, and herb teas and. . . read more

Recently I decided to make some fun labels for my art supply chest that holds tools, markers, and media. I visualized them in watercolor brush lettering, all centered vertically; like this, but with a variety of colors:

Sparkle Graphite White Black Metallic Fountain Deco * Posca Millennium Sarasa Chameleon Acrylic * Graphic Sharpie *. . . read more

Some of you may recall my tutorial on brush illustration for beginners last year. That technique, using a brush marker with. . . read more

Welcome back for part 2 of a series on how stamps can embellish hand-lettered projects. (For more stamping information, refer to. . . read more

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