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Monday in A-Z Marketing Guide – Art coach Aletta de Wal returns with the final post in her very popular A to Z Art Marketing Guide. Check it out right here on EmptyEasel, tomorrow!

Tuesday in Business Advice – Come by for a look at a fantastic new kickstarter product that will make your life in the studio much, much easier. I have no doubt it’ll succeed and be a huge hit—so don’t miss out on your chance to help fund it and get your own at an early-bird price!

Wednesday in Drawing Tips – Finish out the week with Part 3 of Vladimir London’s ongoing portrait drawing series. As you’ll see in this installment, with a little shading, the head is really starting to take shape!

And, for our New Artist Showcase this week. . .

Please give a warm welcome to Greg Johnson and Crisologo, two of our newest artists at Foliotwist!

Greg works in acrylic, collage, and pastel to create highly-textured mixed-media abstracts. If you like combining papers and thick, layered paint, you’ll love his work!

Crisologo uses photography and pointillism to capture the ever-changing conversations between man and nature. His art depicts the mesmirizing forms seen in flowing water, transparent smoke, and more. Take a look!

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