Create Fun & Festive Witches Hats on Gourds for Halloween!

By Phawnda Moore in Art Tutorials > Drawing Tips

Here’s a fun project for fright night!

On graph paper, draw up some witches’ hats designs. You can see mine further down, or look online for addtional inspiration.

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Gather your rinsed and dried butternut squash and place them in a cardboard box. If necessary anchor them with bubble wrap.

Carefully looking at your sketches, redraw each witch’s hat on its own squash with DecoColor pens. It’s nice to have both extra fine and medium points, and especially nice to have metallic colors for a little extra shine in the moonlight!


Acrylic water-based markers are good for lettering, if you’d like to add a festive word or phrase, and DecoColor pens layer well, so you can always write or draw on top of previous colors.

When you’re finished, secure with a pretty bow and admire!

I think these little gourds are the perfect decoration for your porch come Halloween night—don’t you? For more quick and easy holiday projects, visit my Facebook page at Calligraphy & Design by Phawnda.


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