Luar Zorrillo: Spiritual, Dreamlike Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Luar Zorrillo doesn’t just identify an intriguing subject matter in his daily life and paint it; he first envisions it. Dreams it. Reinvents it.

His appreciation for life and acceptance of death has allowed him to open himself up to creating artwork that isn’t tangible or physical in this life, but showcases his perception of spirituality and connects viewers directly to unearthly realms and dimensions.

A perfect example of this idea is Between Two Worlds, an oil painting on canvas. This piece invites the viewer to let go, to awaken childhood wonder and imagination, and to invite in the possibility of the unknown.


From hallucinogenic mushrooms to aliens to monster eyes, the imagery in this painting forms a distorted web of reality, weaving together chaos and non-existence. Between those two worlds, philosophies mingle together as vividly as the colors do. . . and what seemed so clear one moment is suddenly gone in a flash.

And now for something a little different: is there anything quite as free, wild, and beautiful as seeing this huge mammal on the move in Africa’s savannah?


Its bright colors, loosely knit together in acrylic, spray paint and pastel, answer “no.”

And in fact, this portrayal of an elephant is actually meant to reflect the animal’s inner spirit, which is unrelenting and strong. As it charges, the collision of colors makes you almost hear the rumble of the land beneath his feet colliding with the ground.

Lastly, The Entity in the Woods resembles many an animal—from crocodile to dinosaur to lizard. Perhaps most haunting, though, is the fact that it’s also a cloaked figure with very human characteristics.


Maybe this is the ghost Luar envisions when he feels out of control—perhaps it’s a symbol of unrest, or a portrait of dual personalities. Whatever the case, Entity in the Woods is the perfect painting to end on, with Halloween soon approaching!

Luar doesn’t have an extensive portfolio online, but the art he does have is sure to boggle and excite the most curious of minds. Check it out now!


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