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Monday in General Art Advice – Come by tomorrow for a fantastic new article by Carrie Lewis, entitled “6 Misconceptions about the Artist’s Life.” For established AND aspiring artists, this one’s definitely worth a read!

Tuesday in Featured Artists – Make sure to drop in on Tuesday for a look at Nancy Teague’s colorful, carefree abstracts (I know you’ll love them!) And, if you’d like your own artwork to be showcased on EE, send it in! We’re always looking for new artists to feature!

Wednesday in Art Marketing Tips – Finishing out the week, this Wednesday I’ll share some of the successes and failures I’ve seen from our first five issues of Artwork Reveal. For those of you following along, this will be Part 4 of my series, “Selling Art with your eNewsletter.”

(Here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 if you’re interested.)

There were no new articles from last week, but. . .

Here are a few of MY personal favorites from the EmptyEasel archives, just in case you missed them the first time around:

How to Keep Oil Paint from Drying between Painting Sessions

Want to Sell Art on the Internet? Here are 3 Things You MUST Have to Succeed

5 Ways Make Your Art Blog More Inviting to Readers

How to Attract Local Art Buyers to Your Art Website

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