This Week: 10/26 through 11/1

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Monday in Motivation – Come by tomorrow and learn about a new smartphone app developed to help share street art with the world. Amazingly, this fleeting art form now has a chance for permanence. . . get the full story on Monday!

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Carrie Lewis will expand on a previous article (explaining how to remove simple stains from your watercolor or drawing paper) with a few of her more “aggressive” stain-removal techniques.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for a look at Dimitrina Kutriansky’s highly symbolical landscape paintings, then feel free to submit your own artwork as well! We’re always looking for new artists to feature on EmptyEasel.

Thursday in Art Opinion – Finish out the week with Luciana Ja’Vonne’s thoughtful take on the intersection of branding and style in an artist’s work.

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