Brett Lindsey: Light-Filled Watercolor and Oil Landscapes

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Watercolor Paintings

Industrial designer Brett Lindsey of Austin, Tex. has designed VIP aircraft interiors for Head of State representatives and royalty worldwide. Pretty darn impressive, right?

Well, this year, Brett wants to focus solely on creating art for its own sake—a task that’s perhaps just as difficult. So, in oil and watercolors, he creates vivid, glowing landscapes that are a moving emotional response to the natural world.

Dirt Road Alley, seen below, is a watercolor piece depicting a gorgeous sun-lit road Brett often passes by on his morning walks in Saratoga, Wyoming.


Brett’s brushstrokes are loose enough to allow the flow of the water do its own thing, but he also maintains just enough control to come out with really beautiful, detailed lines and shapes in his work.

Besides the light (which practically pools across the road to highlights houses, trees and power lines) the colors at play in this piece are equally compelling. They’re soft and quiet, just as you would imagine those mornings to be.

His next painting, entitled One Man’s Paradise, is an oil piece created again with inspiration taken from the sleepy town of Saratoga. In this painting, Brett hopes to capture this homeowner’s paradise at its most glorious moment.


The light here is perfect, filtering in through the trees while casting long rich shadows and imparting a warm summery glow across the entire painting—all of which makes for a really great composition.

And of course, you can’t miss the bright blue chair from Wal-Mart sitting in the front lawn. Although a white picket fence stretches between it and the viewer, its presence still seems to suggest a certain amount of friendliness and an invitation to converse with the owner, who (I imagine) likes to sit in that shaded chair from time to time sipping iced tea in a dusty Wyoming breeze.

Lastly, Venice Canal is just a small study for a larger painting Brett is working on, but I think even in a small size it captures the possibility for great adventure available at every turn in this ancient city.


Crumbly, worn architecture rises up to shelter channels of strikingly blue water, silently guarding long-held secrets of this aged canal. In the background, Venice fades quietly into the dusky sunlight, subtly reflected in the beautiful ripples and lines of this watery passageway

Brett has several more great pieces displayed on his Facebook page, so be sure to check them out, too. With each painting he shares, he explains something about the destination and why he chose to capture it artistically. It’s definitely worth a visit!


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