This Week: 2/2 through 2/8

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Monday in General Art Advice – Tomorrow, oil painter Janet Bonneau will give five great reasons why you should always have a plein air painting buddy when you’re heading out into the country (or just down the road) to paint.

Tuesday in Art Opinion – How do you feel about letting your art instructors draw or paint on your classwork? Not OK? Fine up to a point? Most of us have been in that situation, and Niki Hilsabeck will be sharing her viewpoint on the subject this Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Come by mid-week for a look at Elke Schulze’s colorful abstract paintings which, quite frankly, dazzle the eyes. As always, if you’d like to see your own artwork featured on EE, send it in!

Thursday in Motivation – We’ll be posting our recent Art World Survey results in the form of several awesome word clouds. . . you’ll see a weighted visual representation of how artists answered questions like, “What task do you enjoy most as an artist,” and, “What are your art goals for 2014.” Don’t miss it!

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