The Joy Boy Project: Bringing Beautiful Art to Hospice Patients

By Lisa Orgler in Art Business Advice > Motivation

Imagine your walls without art. . . stark white walls without energy and happiness. These are the walls that countless hospice residents experience daily, with no hope of joy or color to be had.

This problem is a great concern to many artists and organizations around the country. As one well-known hospice artist, Tobi Kahn, said, “Why shouldn’t the end of your life be beautiful?”

Mary, a hospice nurse, felt the same way when she confided in her husband, Mark Lunn, about her concern for patients that die in beds facing blank walls. Mark, a photographer, was inspired to take action. His love of nature photography led him to start The Joy Boy Project at

The main goal of The Joy Boy Project is to donate a specially-made poster to every hospice agency in the United States by the end of 2014. Amazingly, this totals almost 6,000 posters! To reach that goal, Mark is planning to raise $8,280 through crowdfunding donations, and he needs our help.

The poster is a beautiful collage of Mark’s nature prints taken in the summer of 2013.


As Mark states, “To the bedbound, or anyone, blank walls can be boring, fatiguing, and depressing. Passive contact with nature, like looking at a photograph of a beautiful butterfly, can be as therapeutic as a stroll in the garden. Nature nurtures and soothes—for the young and old, healthy or sick.”

If you would like to support this amazing project please visit The Joy Boy Project before February 14, 2014 and learn how you can help. This is a lovely way to bring the beauty of art to those who need it most. Please join The Joy Boy project today!


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