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Monday in Painting Tutorials – More than any other visual element, color sets the mood of a painting. Come by tomorrow for another top-notch painting tutorial (by the talented Brandi Bowman) demonstrating how an intentional use of color can easily take your paintings to the next level.

Tuesday in Drawing Tips – Do you ever struggle to get a full range of values out of your colored pencils? If so, don’t miss Carrie Lewis’s next article this Tuesday! She’ll explain how to push your values much darker and much lighter in order to create more depth and realism in your drawings.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Cyndy Cmyth is a UK artist with a talent for beautifully textured abstract paintings. Drop by on Wednesday to see her work, and of course, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, please send it in as well!

Thursday in General Art Advice – Daily painting is very hard work, and yet for many artists it comes with great rewards. But what if too much painting is wearing down your creativity? Is that even possible? Finish out the week with Niki Hilsabeck’s article on noticing the signs of daily painting burnout.

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