David Munroe: Vibrant Abstract Expressionist Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Other Mediums

Glasgow, Scotland native David Munroe is inspired by environmental elements—the weather, rusting metal and aging wood, water, dilapidated buildings, peeling paint—and the list could go on and on. He sees beauty in the simplest and most unexpected places and items, and he always takes the time to showcase that beauty in his work.

David experiments with a variety of mediums and methods to gain his characteristic style. He infuses texture, iridescence and illumination within his work, vividly capturing energy and vitality, depth and balance.

In this first painting below, we see chaotic bursts of color that seem as if they could explode from the surface of the artwork at any moment. Neon pinks, oranges, yellows and blues shout hello in a spray of colorful speckles strewn across the animated painting, while luminescent, spherical splotches containing root-like squiggles bond to one another in thick, rust-colored lines.


My first thought is all these elements unite to create an abstract portrayal of jellyfish, forever tangled in one another’s tentacles. With their vein-like, or even brain-like cores, the spheres seems as if they are pulsing, and very much alive. David built layer upon layer to perfectly allow the bright and earthy colors to complement one another upon overlapping, without muddling their beauty.

In this next painting, the world spins rapidly as we see the sky full of fiery clouds, the earth, and the water bow into one another, creating a soft, faraway horizon focal point. Were he real, Captain Planet would surely enjoy the vision of the four elements combining below.


Clouds swirl and treetops bend to the will of the wind, while hues reminiscent of flickering flames unite to create a jaw dropping sunset. The rippling blue waters reflect puffy clouds above and create an ombre look as the cerulean waves fade into a soft baby blue upon meeting the sky.

David’s final painting below begins with soft, chalk-like pastels which slightly resemble the look of marble when melded with one another. Streaks of red seem to permeate through those pastel colors, bleeding into them until they become the real focus of the painting.


I love the balance of the muted yellow and steel gray in the background which offset that bright crimson color. The splash of red is just what the painting needs to energize it and create a dynamic visual composition.

David’s artwork ranges from animal portraits to abstract, from industrial to liquid artwork, and he excels at each style. See what I mean by visiting his website today!


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