This Week: 8/11 through 8/17

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Monday in General Art Advice – Tomorrow, Niki Hilsabeck will demonstrate her methods for safely packing and shipping a pastel painting, using lots of photos and great explanations.

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – Continuing her ABC’s of Art Marketing series, Aletta de Wal will be discussing 5 very important “I’s” for turning interested art buyers, fans, and followers into active ones.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Swing by and check out Anna Halliday’s colorful, spirited abstracts that impart a feel of exuberantly organized chaos. As always, if you’d like your own artwork to be featured on EE, just send it in!

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Alyice Edrich will share 8 ways you can use Twitter to help your art business turn a profit.

Friday in General Art Advice – Colored pencil expert Carrie Lewis will finish out the week with a list of industry-standard art terms and definitions for new artists.

In other news. . .

We’ve been hard at work over at our sister site, Foliotwist, adding some new features for our artists (as well as planning for the future) and we’d love for all of you to come by and try us out!

Right now we have a full featured 30-day free trial, with probably the quickest setup on earth. :) We’ll get your art website live and online in about half a minute, and then you’ll have plenty of freedom to customize it, add artwork, and explore our intuitive, made-for-artists interface. Do as much or as little as you want for 30 days, ask us any questions you’d like, or just give us feedback when you’re done!

(Best of all, we do NOT require credit cards or payment info to sign up for our free trial. We don’t ask for that stuff, because our goal isn’t to catch you with a surprise bill at the end of it. We just want you to see how truly easy a website can be.)

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