Levent de Paris: Impressionistic Textured Oil Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

Levent de Paris is a gifted artist from the Golden State—California! He enjoys spending time in museums and galleries, as well as studying new and old painting techniques.

His art reflects the timelessness of great impressionistic painters of the past, while his bold style keeps his artistic endeavors fresh and exciting. His paintings exude light and texture, and his abstract work is especially unique in its ability to superficially freeze time.

I get a definite feel for space and depth in California Coast Big Sur, below. The plateau seems to rise straight out of the water, a tower with impressive steepness and a rock solid presence (pun intended).

california coast big sur

Each jagged crevice on the outer walls of the plateau is defined by varying shades of surprising pastel hues that make the mesa a dynamic focal point for the painting.

Gentle waves turn from green to blue and back to green as they swash around one another and splash gently against the shore. Low-hanging mist sweeping over the hilly terrain in the distance makes the tumultuous land seem majestic and adventurous, while the light clouds wafting across the sky suggest strong winds and explain the cause of the lapping waves.

Just as intricate, but fully abstract, this next painting reminds of that split second at a party when someone pulls the string from a party popper. Glitter, confetti and ribbon come flying out in full force!

6746509 orig

The blurred background boasts a colorful palette that allows these small objects to individually stand out. It’s a millisecond of utter chaos, frozen in time. . . and that’s just incredibly satisfying.

This painting shows that even the smallest, most seemingly unimportant things found on earth are connected in an intimate and very real way. This is a reminder, at least for me, to enjoy the small things in life, because that is where real joy resides. What a cause for celebration!

Lastly, Sunset and Sailboat is an perfect example of sailing right at sunset.

sunset and sailboat

Minutes before darkness falls, the sun ignites everything afire with glaring bursts of light from every direction. You squint your eyes to escape from the diamond-like water and burning sun dipping below the horizon.

It’s like you’re in the middle of a firework, and it’s beautifully, yet blindingly painful. . . that’s what this sparkling painting reminds me of.

To view more of Levent’s amazing impressionistic art, please visit his website. You’ll find a personal favorite of mine, a lovely painting of a duck, in his impressionist paintings folder – alongside some cute fur balls! Don’t miss it!


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