This Week: 7/14 through 7/20

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Monday in Selling Art Online – There are several little-known and rarely talked about benefits to posting your work online. Tomorrow, Niki Hilsabeck will go through those and explain how EVERY artist can benefit from maintaining an up-to-date portfolio on the web.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Starting your own art business is tough, but often the hardest part is dealing with harsh criticism—whether by strangers or friends. Drop by on Tuesday for an excellent article by Alyice Edrich on how to deal with purely negative comments.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Don’t miss out on seeing some fantastic realist paintings by Paul Baldassini in the middle of the week. Then, make sure to submit your own artwork as well! We’re always looking for new artists to feature.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Come back for the second installment of Carrie Lewis’s demonstration on how to use colored pencils to draw a long-haired dog. She’ll be wrapping up her article from last week, so head back to read that one if you haven’t already!

Friday in Photography Tips – Finish out the week with a great point-and-shoot tutorial by Edward Stuart. He’ll be sharing several tips for capturing unique family portraits, whether you’re a professional photographer, or a home shutterbug.

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