This Week: 6/17 through 6/23

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Monday in Art Marketing Tips – If you’re an art blogger, come by tomorrow and check out Steff Metal’s suggestions for where (and how) you can start guest posting to gain more traffic.

Tuesday in Art Opinion – These days “art” is usually defined more by emotion than by intellect, but has it always been that way? C. Nick Tuigsinn has something to say on that topic this Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in for some fantastic watercolors by Dorrie Rifkin. As always, feel free to submit your own artwork to be featured on EE as well.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Finish out the week with our very own Alyice Edrich’s introduction to social media.

Plus, if you’re looking for art buyers:

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What we’ve realized is that there are a lot of folks out there who have already decided exactly what kind of art they’re looking for—and through our partnership with a unique new website called Ubokia, we’re now able to bring those people to you.

It’s a great opportunity (and Ubokia is completely free to join) so visit our integrated Ubokia page and see what you think!

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