This Week: 1/22 through 1/28

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Monday in Painting Tutorials – Drop by tomorrow for Craig Shillam’s list of simple adjustments that any artist can use to improve their paintings. Nothing big or flashy here, just good painting advice for just about every artist.

Tuesday in Selling Art Online – Dreama Tolle Perry will be sharing 5 fact-based reasons why 2012 is the year to get your art online (and I have to say, there are some very compelling stats and quotes referenced in this article).

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week, whatever you do, don’t miss seeing the lovely and ethereal mixed-media artwork of Lynne French. As always, if you’re interested in being featured yourself, please submit your work here.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – With an art career spanning 34 years, it’s no surprise that Chris Scheidler Pagano has some excellent insight to share. Check out her interview with Alyice Edrich this Thursday on pricing, painting, and creativity.

Friday in Art Opinion – Dealing with critiques has always been a big part of being an artist. Learn how Michelle Morris deals with that side of the artist’s life in this week’s reader-submitted opinion piece.

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