David R. Anderson: Light, Life, and Landscape Paintings

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

As a painter of traditional realism, David Anderson admits that he is easily captivated by a shy smile, the aura of a sunset glowing through a window or even the elaborate way in which nature continually renews itself.

In Gatlinburg, for example, David attempts to showcase the intricate visual harmonies of this woodland scene with both his colors and brushstrokes.


Moving from top to bottom, David’s hazy, enchanting pastel hues slowly form into sharper tones of color, while the structure of each brushstroke become more and more defined.

Gatelenburg is not necessarily about seeing what’s in the background or foreground of the painting, however. Instead, it’s an invitation to look at what’s going on right in the moment of everything – the water rushing over the heavy rocks, the soft lighting, the delicate foliage. . . this painting depicts a perfect spring morning in the words.

This next painting, entitled Charlie’s World was painted en plein air, with a rugged approach for an equally rustic scene. (“Plein air” is a French phrase meaning “in the open air” and is meant to describe paintings that an artist actually created in the outdoors.)


The rough, scumbled texture of this painting reflects one man (Charlie’s) life on the water aboard his equally aged vessel. With his calm, serious demeanor, it’s quite clear that Charlie has at least once or twice passed through the eye of a storm, whether literal or figurative.

David’s last painting, entitled Boreas Pass is so crisp and real that it makes me excited for the ski trip I am going on in a few weeks.


Recognizing how small you are in the grand scope of nature, as I’m sure these skiers are doing, can’t help but stir up adrenaline and feelings of excitement and adventure. I feel it, and I’m just looking in from the outside.

For more beautiful landscapes, as well as a look at David’s figure paintings, still lifes and USMC combat art, make sure to visit his website.


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