This Week: 10/9 through 10/15

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Monday in Video Tutorials – If you saw last week’s video, you already know that Dale Laitinen is a master of mixing watercolors. Tomorrow, he’ll take it one step further and go through several of his favorite color “recipes” for natural-looking greens, grays, and violets—a must-see for any landscape painter.

Tuesday in Motivation – The busier you get, the more your priorities matter. On Tuesday, Joshua Lance will share an extremely simple method for getting the important things done, no matter how busy you are.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Jane Tracy’s abstract paintings combine jewel-like colors and visually strong (almost rock-like) lines and shapes. Drop by to check those out, and don’t forget to submit your own art to be featured as well.

Thursday in Artist Interviews – This week, Alyice Edrich will be speaking with a very creative ceramic artist, John Davis, whose artwork happens to be both visual and auditory. Don’t miss it!

Friday in Painting Tutorials – After painting only large canvases for many years, Mark Nesmith has some great perspective on switching to smaller pieces without losing that large-scale intensity. Highly recommended reading for all painters.

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