Victoria Veedell: Painting Nature through Abstraction

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings

California artist Victoria Veedell’s landscape paintings are not, by any means, restricted to reality. Indeed, many of them are supremely abstracted, alive with dramatic, otherworldly light and decipherable only to those wielding rich imaginations.

Take Last Light, for instance. Are you absorbed in its playful abstraction, or do you prefer to gaze into the glowing sunset breaking over still waters?

Last Light

Up close, this abstract seems comprised simply of happy-go-lucky color combinations that stir up positively radiant feelings. At arms length, though, it becomes a wide riverbed, lined with shadowed hills and illuminated by the embers of a sinking sun.

For those with imaginations in overdrive (I’m guilty of this from time to time), Victoria’s next painting may even be fairly symbolic.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden first offers me feelings of safe anonymity among the shadows of a pathway tucked within billowing trees and brush. . . until its overwhelming darkness begins to hint at the alarming depths of life’s most arduous questions and quandaries.

Luckily, there is a welcoming light at the end of the path, promising an escape from the darkness—and those questions—if I so choose it.

Without a doubt, the most realistic of today’s paintings is Morning Fog, below. If the veil of heavy dew could be lifted from the scene, I might even be able to identify the hilly landscape succumbing quietly to the chilly temperatures of Fall.

Morning Fog

Victoria has so perfectly orchestrated the effects of fog over this painting that I just want to curl up next to a bay window with a warm blanket and cup of tea.

But what do you see when you look at Victoria’s abstract paintings? Better yet—what do you feel? Take a moment to find out, by browsing over to her online gallery and checking out the rest of her paintings.


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