This Week: 10/2 through 10/8

By Dan in Weekly Preview

Monday in Video Tutorials – Renowned watercolor painter Dale Laitinen will demonstrate how to visually link different areas of a painting together, like land and sea, earth and sky, etc, for a more cohesive, natural work of art.

Tuesday in Color Theory – Mark Nesmith will introduce what he calls “color cousins,” while using the color palette of one of his own recent paintings as an example.

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Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop by for some very bold (and deeply abstracted) landscapes by Victoria Veedell. As always, if you’d like to have some of your art featured in EE, feel free to submit it here.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Before uploading just any old images to your art blog or online portfolio, there are 6 very important things you should keep in mind. . . Alyice Edrich has the full details on Thursday.

Friday in Art Opinion – At the end of the week, check out John Stillmunks’ latest op-ed piece entitled, “Not Everybody’s an Artist.” Like all of John’s articles, this one contains good food for thought, with a bit of the unexpected thrown in.

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