Roman Solar: High Impact Photography

By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Photography

Travel photographer Roman Solar navigates across Slovakia with camera in hand, capturing intimate and powerful moments with landscapes never before touched by civilization.

His photographs prompt viewers to tag along on a thrilling quest of discovery, both within themselves and through the tantalizing visual worlds that Roman creates with every click of his camera.

In Sunset Fields (seen below) the impending power of nature is unveiled. . . endless pastures of golden wheat stretch as far as the eye can see, yet they are still overshadowed by the tumultuous storm clouds spilling across the sky.

Sunset Fields romansolar

Sunset casts an amber glow upon both earth and sky, tying the two very different elements together in a copper sheen. The photograph is bursting with contrasts – a tug of war between light and shadow, sun and rain, life and death.

And, while less awe-inspiring in depth, this next photographs is just as evocative, with a warm brush of sunlight glinting off faded wooden boards.

old barn stories romansolar

Old Barn Stories fills me with peace. This rustic, dilapidated barn has endured the passage of time, just as the surrounding barren trees survived the harshness of winter – by standing proud and refusing to crumble to life’s expected expiration date.

Although Roman has an unbelievable amount of equally compelling photos in his portfolio, Old Barn Stories is the one I find myself coming back to again and again. I find quietness and comfort in its idyllic beauty.

Finally, I don’t think there could be a more perfect title for Bridge to the Past than this next photograph. With it’s tattered, worn look and feel, it immediately transports me to another lifetime.

Bridge To The Past romansolar

Resembling an unfinished charcoal drawing, this image captures the finer details of the bridge, but leaves the outer destination unfinished, falling into an unknown, mysterious atmosphere, somewhere between the past, the present, and the forgotten.

Our journey across Slovakia ends here. . . but yours doesn’t have to. Follow Roman’s adventurous footsteps at his website, where you’ll find many more of his otherworldy, surreal photographs, each more beautiful than the last.


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