This Week: 8/21 through 8/27

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, learn how to create your own unique, abstract marbling technique from watercolor painter Cheng-Khee Chee.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Drop by for part two of “Raising an Artistic Child” by Gail Stivers. In the first installment, Gail covered the importance of setting aside a space for art. This week the topic is kid-friendly art supplies.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – William Beebe’s soft pastel landscapes and maritime scenes contain are equal parts illustration and impressionist painting. See his work on Wednesday, and feel free to submit your own as well.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Blogging expert Alyice Edrich will explain how you can use images (either your own, or free creative commons images) in your blog posts to increase your readership.

Friday in Art Opinion – Do you ever feel guilty when people ask to use your artwork images for free, and you say “no”? Well you shouldn’t—and Karen Middleton will share her two cents on that topic this Friday.

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