This Week: 3/20 through 3/26

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, watercolor painter Dale Laitinen will demonstrate how you can realistically paint distant evergreen trees in a landscape. Most importantly, I think you’ll be impressed by how simple and straightforward his techniques are.

Tuesday in Art Marketing Tips – You’ve seen it on other blogs: an auto-generated list of “top 10 blog posts” in the sidebar which grabs your attention and makes you click. Well, now you can have it on your blog too. Drop in on Tuesday for Alyice Edrich’s next step-by-step tutorial.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Without light, visual art wouldn’t exist (nor would life itself, for that matter). Nancy Herman’s paintings celebrate light and life in an amazing way. . . come by on Wednesday to learn more.

Thursday in General Art Advice – How many hats do you wear as an artist? Or in other words, how many different mediums, styles, and subjects do you dabble in? Karen Middleton shares her thoughts on that, this Thursday.

Friday in Art Opinion – You’ve got an artist statement, right? Now, how about writing one for each work of art you create? Aquil Virani explains why at the end of the week.

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