This Week: 11/14 through 11/20

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Monday in Video Tutorials – In tomorrow’s video clip, watercolor artist Jan Kunz will demonstrate how to accurately measure and paint the shadow colors of a face, including any reflected light cast on the skin.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Clemens Greis put together a great tutorial on building high-quality frames for your paintings, without breaking the bank. If you’re handy with tools (or willing to learn) this article is for you.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Self-taught artist Rachel Rolseth has created a unique niche for herself with her intriguing “rustscapes.” Check those out on Wednesday, and don’t forget to submit your own artwork to be featured too!

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Alyice Edrich has come up with 10 quick blog post ideas that anyone can make use of. It’s an art blogger’s “cheat-sheet” of sorts, for when you’re too busy to spend a lot of time blogging. Highly recommended.

Friday in Art Movements – At the end of the week, drop by for an introductory article on linocuts by Shana James. (Linocuts are a type of relief print similar to woodcuts. . . just a whole lot easier to make.) If you’ve never experimented with linocuts before, I’d encourage you to come back on Friday to learn more.

Here are the articles posted on EmptyEasel two weeks ago:

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