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Art Movements: Learn about Important Periods in Art History

If you want to learn about art movements or get quick notes on art periods throughout history, you're in the right place! We cover everything from the 17th century baroque art movement to minimalism and even contemporary trends like steampunk and comic book art.

Pick any historical art movement below, and enjoy!

One of the biggest cultural phenomena of the last decade, steampunk is now firmly established within the arts scene, enjoying. . . read more

What is a linocut? A linocut is a type of relief print. Relief printing is when a piece of paper is “stamped” with ink from. . . read more

Glass mosaic art has been practiced for thousands of years, going back to Ancient Egypt, where it was initially used in palaces and tombs. The Egyptians were the first to discover the versatility of glass, later learning to use it not only to decorate their jewelry, but also to adorn their ships. In time, glass mosaic art became a flourishing industry; it spanned the centuries and is still. . . read more

The first comic book was born in the United States and is often said to have been officially launched by ‘Famous Funnies’ in. . . read more

Whenever you come across still life paintings depicting things like bread, fruits and vegetables, you’re actually seeing the. . . read more

Pixel art is a unique digital art movement that got its start in the early years of computer graphics when video cards still had very limited capabilities. (Think old arcade games and you'll get the idea.) These days, Pixel art is used to give a retro feel to an artist's work, as well as a deceptively childlike or simplistic quality to a piece. And despite its enforced. . . read more

Over the past 18 months I have devoted a lot of my painting time to the creation of Pocket Art. "Pocket Art" refers to paintings. . . read more

With the advancement of computer technology (and software programs such as Photoshop) the relentless, tireless photographer who. . . read more

Japanese art prints, or Ukiyo-e (which literally means "pictures of the floating world") have become an increasingly popular art form in the Western world. Their upward, floating imagery sprang from the Buddhist ideology that joy is transient and that only detachment from desire will bring true enlightenment. . . . read more

What was Romanticism? Well, although the name may sound a bit lovey-dovey, as an art (and literary) movement Romanticism really. . . read more

What was Mannerism? Simply put, Mannerism was the art movement that took place immediately after the Renaissance during the 16th. . . read more

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