This Week: 8/15 through 8/21

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Monday in Video Tutorials – Tomorrow, watch as watercolor painter Mark Mehaffey demonstrates how important it is to control the amount of water and pigment on your brush when painting wet-into-wet.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – Ever wish you were more knowledgeable about different styles of art, so you could more accurately describe your own? Well there’s a solution for that—come back on Tuesday to learn what it is.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Drop in mid-week to see some beautifully crafted paintings by oil and watercolor artist, Myles Murphy. And while you’re here, feel free to submit your own art to be featured as well.

Thursday in Art Marketing Tips – Alyice Edrich will share some tips for being a safer art blogger, both in what you write and in the images you decide to post online. Whether you’re a new blogger or an old hand, I’d recommend reading this article.

Friday in Art Movements – Donovan Gauvreau has prepared a brief history and overview of glass mosaic art for the end of the week. He’ll also include some information on the tools required, and some fairly easy project ideas.

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