This Week: 10/25 through 10/31

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Monday in Art Opinion – What is art? And what makes a work of art a masterpiece? No doubt we all have our own ideas, but tomorrow, painter Jennifer Morrison will be sharing her thoughts on the subject.

Tuesday in General Art Advice – John Guild takes a very structured approach to his photographic process. On Tuesday he’ll explain a little bit about his methods, along with why he believes great art requires more discipline than inspiration.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – With winter fast approaching it’s rather fitting that this week Lisa Orgler will be showcasing the amazing snow-covered photographs of Fletcher Boland. Drop back in on Wednesday for that, or submit your own artwork to be featured anytime.

Thursday in Art Tutorials – Kim “Gordie” Carver has another unique art tutorial coming up this Thursday, and for now all I can tell you is that it has to do with coffee. If you’re the type that enjoys a fresh-brewed cup each morning, you won’t want to miss it. :)

Friday in Photography Tips – Finally, at the end of the week Luke Montgomery will be posting a new tutorial on how (and when) to use flash while taking photos.

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