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Monday in Motivation – For many of us, displaying our art is like putting a piece of ourselves in front of the world—which can be pretty scary. If that fear ever holds you back, don’t miss tomorrow’s article on overcoming the fear of rejection.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – As some of you probably already know (and others of you may not) there’s an interesting compositional technique based around using the rabatment of a rectangle. Dianne Mize will have the full explanation on Tuesday.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – This week’s featured artist is Lisa Orgler, a landscape architect by day and painter of whimsical food items whenever she can find the time. Come back and check out a few of her paintings this Wednesday.

Thursday in Art Opinion – If you’re conscientious about not using art supplies made from animals, drop in on Thursday—I’ll be posting some good information on that subject from the folks at

Friday in General Art Advice – Jo-Ann Sanborn recently shared with me a checklist of things that she goes over before sticking a price tag on a painting and calling it finished. I thought it might be helpful for everyone, so I’ll be posting that on Friday.

Plus, did you catch all our articles last week? If not, here they are again:

Overcoming the Fear of Confrontation

A Guide to Using the Golden Ratio for Artists

Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by Mingming Bowerson

A Comprehensive Guide to Painting with Oil Pastel

How to Discover Your Niche and Style

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