Beautiful Watercolor Still Life Paintings by Pennsylvania Artist, Mingming Bowerson

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Today’s featured artist is Mingming Bowerson, a Pennsylvania painter known for her vibrant watercolors and beautiful use of both line and color.

As you’ll see in a moment, most of Mingming’s paintings exhibit a fine balance between being drawn and being painted.

Take a look at Afternoon Tea, below. It has all the detail of a finely rendered drawing (note the reflections in the teapot and spoon) but with gorgeously saturated color, too.

Afternoon Tea by Mingming Bowerson

I love how, even with all those little details, there’s enough loose texture in the background and variations of color in the rose petals and cast shadows that the painting still feels organic and light.

Of course, Mingming’s excellent compositional skills also play a part in making her paintings feel so light and airy.

This next piece, Yellow Calla Lily in Glass, has a wonderful curving composition that successfully directs your gaze down the flowers to the base of the glass pitcher. . . then across the seashells and back up again.

Yellow Calla Lilly in Glass by Mingming Bowerson

The color contrast she’s created is very nice too—using all cool colors for the background really makes those yellow and green flowers pop.

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I should mention that in addition to her still life work, Mingming also paints landscapes like this one, entitled Barn in Fall.

Barn in Fall by Mingming Bowerson

Naturally, the same color saturation found in Mingming’s still life work is here as well.

To see more watercolor paintings by Mingming Bowerson, please take a moment to visit her website and look around. If you’re a watercolor afficianado, a fan of color, or you just liked the three paintings above, I think you’ll find it time well spent.


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