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Monday in Motivation – Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first of five articles in a new series on overcoming fears—specifically, the four fears that most artists (if not all of us) will face at some point in our artistic careers.

Tuesday in Painting Tutorials – We’ve also got another great compositional tutorial from Dianne Mize, this time featuring information on symmetry, asymmetry, and creating circular paths of interest.

Wednesday in Featured Artists – Melissa Tooker is an exceptional photographer whose work is light, airy and full of color—come back on Wednesday to learn more.

Thursday in Art Opinion – Dorian from RefrigeratorArtOnline (visit the site, you’ll understand the name) discusses the need, or possibly the lack of need, for art curators in society today. Read it for yourself on Thursday and see what you think.

Friday in Art Movements – Not quite an "art movement" but close enough: drop in on Friday for an article from the folks at Artery explaining how China is mass-producing fine art—and whether it will affect you.

Plus, here are last week’s articles once more:

How to Be a Successful Art Blogger: 7 Effective Blogging Strategies for Artists

Revisiting Notan: Two Ways of Achieving Harmonious Darks and Lights

Stunning Photography by Pamela H. Viola

Artists, Is Your Website 2009 Worthy? (submitted article)

Internet Art Marketing Basics: How to Create Your Own Plan of Attack

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Monday in Motivation - Join me here tomorrow as I continue my new series for artists on overcoming fear. This week I'll be sharing some practical methods and advice for overcoming the fear of confrontation.

Tuesday in . . . read more

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