Stunning Photography by Pamela H. Viola

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Today’s featured artist is Pamela H. Viola, a talented photographer and a skilled digital artist who combines various textures, lighting and natural scenery to create gorgeous, color-drenched photographic prints.

As you’ll see, Pamela often experiments with visual depth as well, either flattening out vistas or isolating her subject matter to add emphasis to certain parts of her images.

In Two, below, her primary emphasis is on the chairs, while the roiling sky above adds extra texture and balance to the composition.

Two by Pamela H Viola

By separating the foreground and background so distinctly, Pamela encourages a separation in the viewer’s reactions, too. The image could be considered either serenely calming or stilted and ominous, depending on your focus.

Some of Pamela’s prints also contain elements which are almost painterly. . . and her colors certainly add to that effect.

For instance, this next piece entitled Long Barn is a masterpiece of color and texture.

Long Barn by Pamela H Viola

I can’t help but love that brilliant flash of pink on the belly of the cloud. . . mostly because of how well it helps tie that long, narrow, rickety old structure to the sky.

And finally, for its alternating crispness and softness; for it’s texture, composition, and over-the-top appeal, I just had to include this last photo.

Boots by Pamela H Viola

If you’d like to see more of Pamela H. Viola’s photographs, please take a moment to check out her website at

You can also find a lot more of her latest work on her semi-daily photoblog,, which is well-worth a visit.


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