Other Mediums, Including Textile Art, Mixed Media Work and Digital Art.

Artist Cecelia Feld of Dallas, Texas, feels strongly about the art of conversation, especially when it’s her artwork telling the story! Cecelia says that when color, line, shape and texture are in conversation with one another, it brings about a lively, energetic quality to the composition.. . . read more
Welcome back for another special Holiday Update! Today we’ll be looking at one of EE’s own writers, Adriana Guidi, who you may remember from her posts on creating a multipurpose sketch journal and painting a local restaurant en plein air. Adriana’s work has been featured. . . read more
Today in our Holiday Update series we’re taking another look at digital artist Darlene Foster’s amazing manipulated photographs. Darlene’s work is always intriguing, and mixes surrealist elements with nostalgic landscapes and scenes. Groundhog Day, below, is an excellent. . . read more
California-based digital illustrator Nidhi Chanani has a real talent for creating nostalgic illustrations celebrating life’s greatest moments—and her work hasn’t gone unnoticed! In April of 2012, Nidhi was honored at the White House as a Champion of Change for her work as an. . . read more
The spirit of the Atlantic Ocean is ever-present in Holly Hansen’s wonderfully dynamic seascapes—no doubt reminiscent of her time spent growing up on Cape Cod. Now working in Boston, Holly’s love of both dreamy landscapes and hectic cityscapes has melded together to transform her work. . . read more
Sam Carlson is a dreamer, an imaginer of new worlds, and perhaps most importantly, a doodler. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve doodled pictures on something, be it a notebook, spelling test or my hand,” he says. Sam especially loves the ability to propel himself somewhere far, far. . . read more
One thing is immediately clear about artist, illustrator and concept designer Ze Liu: he’s imaginative. You can see it instantly. . . his work is larger than life and painstakingly intricate; his fantasy illustrations are truly fantastical and made for the big screen (as well as sci-fi. . . read more
What does creating art mean to mixed media artist Kris Gould of Newcastle, California? In a word, freedom. “Anytime I can lose myself in a painting or photograph, life is good,” she said. Kris has been an artist for as long as she can remember, reveling at any chance to transform a plain. . . read more
When John Byde was four years old, he developed a unique fascination with water. He floated things in it, experimented with it, and as he grew, it became a vital part of his life—from his time spent teaching white water canoeing, to logging as a lumberjack on frozen lakes, to firefighting. . . read more
Natalia Soleil is a communication designer and freelance illustrator from Munich, Germany. Her website, pencilgarden.com, is a delight at first glance, due to a charming drawing of an exceptionally happy little girl watering planters full of (you guessed it) growing pencils. Natalia’s. . . read more
Award-winning, full-time illustrator and writer Carol Heyer has had much more than five minutes of fame. Not only has Carol established herself as a production designer and writer of feature films, but she has also written and illustrated 28 children’s picture books. Even more stunning is. . . read more
Nicolas Delille is a 29-year-old, French graphic designer and former art director with seven years of experience in advertising and branding for the likes of Coca-Cola, Garnier and BMW. He now creates content as a freelancer for advertising, design and packaging agencies, as well as for. . . read more
An artistic jack of all trades, Eric Sweet creates vibrant charcoal portraits, colorful wildlife paintings, meticulous architectural drawings, sophisticated sculptures and custom wooden furniture. His spiritual connection with animals, interest in the human form, light and shadow, and past. . . read more
Contemporary Bolivian/American artist Charlene Eckels aims to promote Bolivian social and cultural heritage through her work. Although currently studying at UNC Wilmington, Charlene has had her fair share of overseas adventure—she’s lived and studied at the national art school in Bolivia,. . . read more

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